Glentress Trail Marathon 23 02 2020

Distance: 42K Ascent: 1500m

Driving down through the snow to Glentress early Sunday morning I was nervous and excited to see what the conditions would be like for the race. Some of our crowd had done the cross country the previous day in horrendous weather, Juliane has been injured and Gilly has been battling a cold and recovering from a cycling injury so we were all discussing the possibility of just doing one lap. Looking at the weather the previous day I was glad the marathon wasn’t then. Although the wind had dropped a bit the ground underfoot was waterlogged and there was quite a lot of snow on the ground. Running through the forest was like a winter wonderland in places with the snow topped pine trees. The exposed areas on the hills were a bit wilder and I was glad to get back to the shelter of the branches. I find the hardest bit of this race is getting yourself back out for the second lap, especially as it is uphill almost immediately. Once you are committed it’s more enjoyable in some ways than the first lap, although you are tired and achy the field is more spread out so you can settle to your own pace and take in the scenery. On finishing the race I got cold very quickly and dashed home to get a hot shower and eat. It wasn’t until I checked the results I realised I had come in first in my category. Damn, I should have stayed for the prize giving. It was a course PB for me which I am pleased with especially considering the conditions. I really enjoyed the race this year, High Terrain host some very testing events and they are always well organised and their volunteers are friendly and supportive, many thanks to them.

Some of Michael Philp’s super images from the day:

Full results

Sadie Kemp 05:07:57
Tim Doyle 06:02:39
Tracy Philp 06:02:45
Juliane Friedrich 06:07:52
Gilly Marshall 06:10:40

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3 comments on Glentress Trail Marathon 23 02 2020

  1. David Cairns says:

    Fantastic efforts from you all (Tracy & Gilly, was Saturdays’ National XC Championships the warm up for this one or was this one the warm down from the Nationals?) and particularly to you Sadie, must go down as one of your best ever, well done.

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done Sadie, what a great run in what looks like very difficult conditions. Good runs too by Tim, Tracy, Julianne and Gilly – well done Penicuik Harriers!

  3. Julian Hall says:

    Too right that the hardest part is starting the second lap! Well done!

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