Mud Glorious Mud and a Fast Field

Posted on behalf of Zoe Robertson:

Lasswade XC 
Date – 30/10/22
Weather – 16 degrees and rainy
Harriers in attendance – Julie, Tracy, Allan, David and myself


First race on our Grand Prix calendar so thought I’d get off to a good start and get this one in the bag.  Last time running this was 6 years ago and had fond memories of a nice run in the October sunshine around a grassy field… So as the torrential rain hammered down while driving down the bypass I was trying to channel that memory of 2016!!!

Luckily the rain stopped by the time 2pm came, the time for the senior women and U17 men race to start.  Held at Gore Glen in Gorebridge we had 1 small loop of the sports field and 2 bigger loops of a mixture of grassy fields, gravel paths and mud, totalling 3.8 miles.

I had a conversation with Julie at the start line, worrying a little about where the route went and what if we went the wrong way?  However once the race began (which was slightly uphill and very muddy) we realised there was no need to worry about which way to go – it was a very fast field so plenty of other runners to follow!

The first short lap down, gasping for breath, I realised if I was going to finish the 3.8 miles I would need to slow down a little – it’s easy to get carried away in the moment at a start line.  So following my fast first km, I slowed to a pace I could maintain for the rest of the race, staying pretty consistent.  Got round the next 2 bigger laps, overtaken by a few runners and overtook a few as well.  Legs felt like jelly and face feeling the 16 degree heat and was beetroot, it felt like it had been a long time since putting in this kind of effort.  Once the finish line was in sight, and there was a crowd cheering us on, I managed to up the pace again crossing the line with a smile – thank goodness that’s over!

All smiles for the post race pics in the tropical feeling autumn weather.

My time was about 90 seconds slower than my time of 6 years previous – yes I am very competitive with myself!

Delighted all the same to get the first XC race of this winter done.




Ladies (3.8 miles):
Julie Hand – 5th (28:31)
Zoe Robertson – 10th (30:17)
Tracy Philp – 17th (32:52)

Men (6 miles):
David Waldie – 24th (40:23)
Allan Dunbar – 44th (46:31)


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One comment on Mud Glorious Mud and a Fast Field

  1. David Cairns says:

    Nice one Zoe (I was there on duty to witness everyones efforts). Don’t pay too much attention to your times at cross coutry, the course may take a slightly different route each year, grass may need cutting and weather / underfoot conditions mean that it never runs the same two years running.

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