Scottish Athletics National Cross Country Relays

Been a while since I took part in any of the Nationals or District XC races, and have never done the relays so was looking forward to running as part of a team.  Michelle, Tracy and I were the face of Penicuik Harriers and as a masters team with a big V sticker on our backs, we only had to do 3 laps instead of 4 that the senior/junior ladies had to do.  Michelle started us off and was doing the first leg, a 3.8 loop round the grounds of Cumbernauld House, with a couple of sharp inclines and long stretches of muddy parkland, I ran the second leg and Tracy had the final leg.

I should probably mention that it rained – a lot!  Big thanks to Musselburgh AC who let us hang out in their tent and keep dry and also to Michael Philp who drove us all there and back, his camera was not so lucky and it was a one way trip for it as it died on the course.


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  1. David Cairns says:

    Gilly, can’t understandd how I missed this post. It was a great day, despite the weather and so proud of the team. It is greatto prove my fellow officials that Penicuik does actually have runners too.

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