East District Cross Country League – Bathgate

Its was double Cross Country weekend, so with the majority of the Harriers heading to the Borders XC at Paxton on Sunday, there were just a few of us flying the purple and white at Bathgate. The rain had been torrential earlier in the day and I did wonder what we would be running in, but the rain dried up and the sun came out. The ground however, most definitely had not dried up and was the muddiest I had run in for quite a long time.

I was the lone female Harrier running 2 laps – 5.1km and the for the men we had David, Dan and Allan running 3 laps – 7.8km. Dave was on finish line duties.

Big thanks to Des and Ross for the support (I have also pinched some of Des’s photos)

Credit also to Dan who the went on to run Paxton on Sunday.

Gilly Marshall – 93 – 28.42

David Waldie – 110 – 33.59
Dan Calvert – 151 – 36.41
Allan Dunbar – 176 – 38.58


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  1. David Cairns says:

    Aye, a bit muddy and the rain was pretty torrential early doors, when I arrived to help put out signage and set up the finish area.
    Well done to all who ran, I’m as always so proud of you all.
    I think the course builders who had the worst of the day deserve a massive thanks, many marshalling, then having to take in the course marking, muddy tape, take down wet gazebos, etc.

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