Club Membership

The club membership year runs from 1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018

If you’d like to join our club please download the membership form below to print out and complete.

We offer three types of membership as follows:

  • Full individual (£20)
  • Family Membership (£30)
  • Friend of the Harriers (£10)

Membership Application Form

Payment is made by BACS transfer, bank details will be sent to you.

Last Updated: October 2017

19 comments on Club Membership

  1. alex nimmo says:

    Hello, I submitted a membership application a couple of days but have not received an email to make membership payment.
    Maybe takes a few days to process though.

  2. Alex Nimmo says:

    I don’t have a Scottish Athletics Membership No. to infill in membership application. What next?
    I am moving to Penicuik in December.

    • Susie Maxwell says:

      You don’t have to be a SA member to join our club.

      Just leave that blank.

      Are you planning to come along in December?


      • Alex Nimmo says:

        Yes Susie, have completed membership application and emailed.
        Mainly a road runner and just done a couple of hill races but would like to do more hills and have now entered Feel The Burns in January. Was entered for Tinto Hill race but took a bad fall at Manor Water last month and fractured ribs so didn’t run!
        I gather you have a strong hill running tradition at Penicuik.

        • Susie Maxwell says:

          Great Alex ?
          We’re a real mixed bag at Harriers!! But yes, lots of hill runners as well as Ultra, road and xc ?
          Have a look at the training session calender on the website just so you know what’s happening on the first night that you come along. I don’t recommend turning up on a handicap night.

  3. Lola Brennan says:

    Hey I was just wondering if there was an under 18s section of the club?

    • Susie Maxwell says:

      Hi Lola,
      Sorry but we don’t have under 18’s. Lasswade AC have a junior section that covers all disciplines of track and Field.
      Thanks Susie

  4. Neil says:

    Hi there,
    Was looking at coming to see if a running club is for me. I ran your 10 Km this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t ran since 10 June due to Achilles Tendenopathy and then broken ribs.
    Feeling fine now but unsure if coming to a club so out of shape is advisable.

    • Susie Maxwell says:

      Hi Neil,
      You are totally welcome to come along to Harriers, we are a multi ability group of runners. Before our session we do a 1.5 mile warm up at chatting pace so if you can cope with that then come along. You can see what you manage during the reps but you will be given advice and encouragement.
      Tuesdays, Beeslack, 7pm – hope to see you ? Susie x

  5. Michael says:

    Hi is this a yearly payment thanks

  6. Des Crowe says:

    Hi Susie can you add me to the club email list , thanks
    Have a smashing Christmas from me and Kate
    wee d

  7. Danny Gifford says:


    To become a member do you need to also have a Scottish Athletics membership? Was thinking about coming along to a training session to see if I enjoyed it first.


    • Susie says:

      HI there,
      No you don’t need to be a member of SA although it is a good idea if you start doing races that are affiliated with SA as you get a £2 discount.
      Please come along any Tuesday, they are a friendly bunch who will make you very welcome!!
      Thanks, Susie

  8. Sandra Chandler says:

    Wishing to join a running club. My hubbie also. What are your dates for meeting in Summer months? We ran in Penicuik 10
    Km and loved the atmosphere and friendliness of club. We are novices to running clubs.
    Sandra Chandler

    • Susie says:

      Hi Sandra
      That’s great that you want to join the club. Just come along on a Tuesday evening to Beeslack High at 7pm and you’ll see us all gathered there. There are no ‘holidays’ we meet every week except Christmas-time.
      Cheers, Susie

  9. Susie says:

    HI Lauren

    Sorry for not replying sooner!

    We all train together on a Tues and a Thurs and we have just ressurected our Sunday morning ‘social’ runs.

    You are more than welcome to come along on Tuesday or Thursday this week, next week is our Chrstmas Hanidicap so you’d be better coming along in the New Year if you can’t do this week. Tues is 7pm at Beeslack and Thurs is 7pm at the bottom of Bellmans path that goes up to Cuiken Primary, this is mainly a hill session. On the Thurs you need to arrive warmed up and ready to start the reps but on the Tuesday we incorporate a warm up into the session.

    Thanks, Susie

  10. Hi there,

    I was just wondering how often you all meet up to run together?
    As I am really interested in joining a running club to get out running

    thank you

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