Training Session Calendar

Summer 2019 – Tuesday Training Programme

23rd April – 10th September 2019 Inclusive

Please ensure that you have read and understood our Generic Risk Assessment: Adult Road Running Training iwebsite and wear footwear/clothing appropriate to the conditions

Although our Summer Tuesday Training will predominantly be on the grass track at Beeslack, the sessions outlined below are provisional and will be dependent upon weather and underfoot conditions.

Meet 7:00pm sharp at Beeslack High School for warm-up run (1½ – 2 miles) ahead of the session.

These sessions will attempt to integrate all levels of ability.

For those of you who may feel uncomfortable with the formal interval training sessions or are perhaps recovering from injury, depending upon response, we will provide an alternative training option taken by one of our qualified Jog Scotland Jog Leaders to help you reach your fitness goals (NB This group option will not be available on Handicap nights as I would expect everyone to participate in the Handicap in order to assess progress).

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any queries regarding summer training or require any assistance with planning your training.

Date                 Proposed Session                  

23/04/2019        3x (1) 600m:(2) 800m:(3) 1000m

30/04/2019        2mile Handicap

07/05/2019        6x (1) 400m:(2) 500m:(3) 600m

14/05/2019        2x8x200m Parluff

21/05/2019        4x (1) 600m:(2) 800m:(3) 1000m

28/05/2019        6mile Handicap

04/06/2019        6x (1) 400m:(2) 600m:(3) 800m

11/06/2019        5x (1) 600m:(2) 800m:(3) 1000m

18/06/2019        400m relays/shuttles

25/06/2019        2mile Handicap

02/07/2019        2×4 (1) 300m:(2) 400m:(3) 600m

09/07/2019        4x (1) 800m:(2) 1000m:(3) 1200m

16/07/2019        6x (1) 400m:(2) 600m:(3) 800m

23/07/2019        2x8x200m Parluff

30/07/2019        2mile Handicap

06/08/2019        2×4 (1) 300m:(2) 400m:(3) 600m

15/08/2019        4x (1) 800m:(2) 1000m:(3) 1200m

20/08/2019        400m relays/shuttles

27/08/2019        2mile Handicap

03/09/2019        200m Shuttle Runs (Beeslack field)

10/09/2019        6x (1) 600m:(2) 800m rep’s (Beeslack field)

17/09/2019        Winter Training commences (Cornbank)



Where multiple choice sessions are offered; indicated by (1), (2) or (3); you can choose your own distance preference. These sessions will be run effectively as handicaps, with each group off the same start time and balance between repetitions.


Dave Cairns

UKA Level 3 Performance Coach – Speed & Endurance

  1. 07899 891 298


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