Training Session Calendar

The “Quotient” Summer Training Programme

w/c 5 April – w/c 27 September 2021

Following the Winter Lockdown, recent relaxation in Scottish Government guidance allows return to Club Training. As we have all become used to, this guidance will be ever evolving to reflect ongoing changes and scottishathletics guidance will reflect these changes, with latest updates at:

It is therefore the Clubs intention to return to Club Training w/c 05 April 2021.


The Club have now completed a review of training venue options and have elected to continue using the “Quotient Loop” that we used last winter until Lockdown. We appreciate that many of you preferred the off-road summer training that we previously enjoyed at Beeslack playing fields but unfortunately there are no School Lets available at this time and the associated costs for four evenings per week would be prohibitive. However, the “Quotient Loop” does provide the option of running on the grass verge if you prefer, although you might have to watch out for dog poo.


  • Risk Assessments: You should by now be familiar with the Clubs generic Risk Assessments. These are posted on our Club website “Training” page but please ensure you have read and understand them:
  • Generic Risk Assessments: Adult Road Running Training
  • Generic Risk Assessments: Adult Off-Road Running Training
  • Road Running Training Adult Group Risk Assessment-Quotient Loop
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment-Penicuik Harriers
  • Coronavirus Awareness & Actions: These are basically unchanged and you must NOT attend a training session, stay at home if you have:
  • Been in contact with or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell.
  • Been told to self-isolate as part of the contact tracing measures in place.
  • Physical Distancing: Unlike last Winters’ training when you were in “training bubbles”, Physical distancing must be maintained by everyone.
  • Good hygiene behaviours: Some may be asymptomatic therefore please ensure good hygiene practices prior to, during, and after training. DON’T share food, towels or drinks, etc.
  • Toilets: There will NOT be any toilets at training so please ensure that you are appropriately “prepared”.


  • Training Sessions will again be banded in line with your current estimated 5km time and will attempt to integrate all levels of ability, with athletes grouped alongside others of similar ability:


Group 1 sub 21 minutes Dave Cairns Wednesday
Group 2 21 – 24minutes Charlie Crawford Thursday
Group 3 24 – 27minutes Susie Maxwell Tuesday
Group 4 27 minutes + Jog Leader Group* Monday
* For those of you who may feel uncomfortable with formal interval training or are perhaps recovering from illness or injury, we offer a more informal Jog Leader lead training option on Monday evenings


  • Sessions will generally commence at 7:00pm sharp (or as agreed by the group and your individual Coach) so you should arrive at the venue, WARMED-UP AND READY TO START THE SESSION, which will generally comprise warm up drills followed by the designated session.
  • Please wear high-viz clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions.


  • As previously we will be operating a first come first served online booking system which will identify group banding, available places, venue and who is the session lead. You will also require to agree to your personal contact details being shared with scottishathletics and Scottish Government Track & Trace teams in the event that anyone in your group develops Coronavirus symptoms or tests positive.
  • Although guidance allows for larger group sizes we have conservatively opted to stick with our previous maximum group size of 8 to afford an initial enhanced level of comfort and reduced impact on other members of the public, but this might be reviewed once we see how things pan out.
  • As we progress, you may require to switch group, to one of an appropriate equal ability. However, if the designated evening does not suit, banding allocation is not “set in stone” but you should realise that the session and recoveries will be set to suit the group banding ability.


  • The Interval Sessions outlined below are intended for Groups 1, 2 & 3 and are dependent upon weather and underfoot conditions, therefore subject to change. Group 4 Training will be set by the Jog Leaders and comprise lighter sessions focusing generally on technique and development of aerobic fitness.


April 2021 May 2021 June 2021
Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session
05/04/2021 3x1km 03/05/2021 4x1km 07/06/2021 3x4x400m
12/04/2021 2x4x400m 10/05/2021 2x3x600m 14/06/2021 5x1km
19/04/2021 4x800m 17/05/2021 5x800m 21/06/2021 6x800m
26/04/2021 2ml Time Trial 24/05/2021 5x1km 28/06/2021 2ml Time Trial
31/05/2021 2ml Time Trial
July 2021 August 2021 September 2021
Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session
05/07/2021 2x4x600m 02/08/2021 3x4x400m 06/09/2021 3x1km
12/07/2021 5x1km 09/08/2021 5x1km 13/09/2021 2x4x400m
19/07/2021 6x800m 16/08/2021 2x4x600m 20/09/2021 4x800m
26/07/2021 2ml Time Trial 23/08/2021 6x800m 27/09/2021 2ml Time Trial*
30/08/2021 2ml Time Trial * At Quotient Loop (daylight)


  • In order to minimise contact risk you will be set off individually at 5 or 10 second intervals depending upon the session, with the fastest off first and the slowest last (you’ll soon get to know your group pecking order but this may change depending upon levels of improvement).


  • Under the present restrictions it’s not possible to run our traditional monthly Handicaps. However, we still intend staging monthly 2 mile “Time Trials” where everyone will have their times recorded. Irrespective of which group you are in we expect everyone to participate, to provide us with guidance on your progress.
  • In order to provide some variety to your training, it is intended that our Monthly “Time Trials” will be held on the OLD RAILWAY LINE, as normal over the summer months, starting and finishing just to the north of the “Esk Bridge” car park with turnaround at the first Auchendinny “tunnel”. Given the smaller group numbers it is felt that this will not compromise COVID restrictions or impact on other users but we will monitor and make any appropriate changes.
  • Initially therefore, on allocated “Time Trial” evenings, please meet at the “Esk Bridge” Car Park at the foot of Harpers Brae at your normal session start time, fully warmed up and ready to go.


At present and given that training is spread throughout the week associated commitment of our coaching resources we will NOT be organising hill sessions. However, you can easily find yourself a convenient hill and incorporate these into your own weekly training at your own convenience. Again, the previously circulated “Your Training” & “Lockdown Training” guidance will provide useful reference.


You will be responsible for your own warm down which, if you are accompanied by any other training group members, will require appropriate physical distancing (2m side-by-side and 5m single file).


  • If following a club training session you subsequently develop any Coronavirus symptoms or discover that you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, then please contact NHS and advise the club immediately.
  • UKA insurance does NOT cover any COVID-19 related claim; leaders and runners are therefore deemed to have made an informed judgement and decision whether or not to attend training.
  • We will be operating under the above format on a pilot basis and will review/update as appropriate as/when guidance changes.

In conclusion, if you are uncomfortable with attending club training, you have the alternative option of following the proposed generic training session programme outlined above on your own. In this case, you might find the “Your Training” & “Lockdown Training” guidance circulated last winter helpful.

Should you have any queries regarding Club training or require any assistance with planning your own individual training, then please don’t hesitate to give me, or any of the coaches, a call.

On behalf of the Club, Committee and Coronavirus sub-group,

Dave Cairns
Penicuik Harriers COVID Coordinator
UKA Level 3 Performance Coach – Speed & Endurance




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