Training Session Calendar

The “Quotient” Loop Winter Training Programme

w/c 26 October 2020 – w/c 12 April 2021

Please ensure that you read and understand the Return to Club Training guidance and respective Risk Assessment documents posted on our Club website “Training” page:

Training, as outlined in the Return to Club Training guidance, will be as follows:

Thanks to the cooperation of Scottish Enterprise, we have now secured an alternative training venue at the Bush Estate (to be known as the “Quotient” loop), where we will continue to train for the foreseeable future.

Sessions will be banded in line with your current estimated 5km time and will attempt to integrate all levels of ability, with athletes grouped alongside others of similar ability:

–   Group 1  (sub 21 minutes)             –   Group 2  (21 – 24 minutes)

–   Group 3  (24 – 27 minutes)            –   Group 4  (27 minutes +)

All sessions will commence at 7:00pm sharp so you should arrive at the venue, warmed-up and ready to start the session, which will generally comprise warm up drills followed by the designated session.

For those who may feel uncomfortable with formal interval training or perhaps recovering from illness or injury, we offer a Jog Leader lead training option on Monday evenings (Group 4), which will hopefully help you improve general fitness and provide a base on which to build.

Formal interval sessions will be provided on Tuesdays (Group 3), Wednesdays (Group 1) & Thursdays (Group 2) lead respectively by Susie, Dave & Charlie.

Wear high-viz clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions.

Monthly Handicaps in their traditional format will be dependent upon relaxation of current Government restrictions. However, we still intend staging monthly 2 mile “Time Trials” where everyone will have their start/finish times recorded. Irrespective of which group you are in we expect everyone to participate in order to provide us with guidance on your progress.

The Interval Sessions outlined below are intended for Groups 1, 2 & 3 and are dependent upon weather and underfoot conditions, therefore subject to change. Group 4 Training will be set by the Jog Leaders and comprise lighter sessions focusing generally on technique and development of aerobic fitness.


October – December January & February March & April
Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session
26/10/2020 2x4x400m 04/01/2021 4x800m 01/03/2021 5x1km
02/11/2020 4x1km 11/01/2021 2x3x600m 08/03/2021 2x3x600m
09/11/2020 2x4x600m 18/01/2021 2ml Time Trial 15/03/2021 2ml Time Trial
16/11/2020 2ml Time Trial 25/01/2021 5x800m 22/03/2021 6x800m
23/11/2020 5x800m 01/02/2021 5x1km 29/03/2021 5x1km
30/11/2020 5x1km 08/02/2021 2x4x600m 05/04/2021 2x6x400m
07/12/2020 2x4x600m 15/02/2021 2ml Time Trial 12/04/2021 2ml Time Trial
14/12/2020 2ml Time Trial 22/02/2021 6x800m

Please feel free to give me or any of my fellow coaches a call if you have any queries regarding winter training or require any assistance with planning your training.

Dave Cairns

UKA Level 3 Performance Coach – Speed & Endurance

07899 891298


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