Training Session Calendar

The “Quotient” Winter Training Programme

w/c 04 October 2021 – w/c 18 April 2022

At the time of writing COVID-19 guidance has relaxed considerably from what we experienced during 2020 and earlier this year. However, as we have all become used to, this guidance will be ever evolving to reflect ongoing changes and Scottishathletics guidance will reflect these changes, with latest updates at:


  • Scottish Enterprise have kindly agreed to extend our license to use the “Quotient Loop” for another year so we will continue to train there for the foreseeable future and take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude to Scottish Enterprise for their continued support.


  • Risk Assessments: You should by now be familiar with the Clubs generic Risk Assessments. These are posted on our Club website “Training” page but please ensure you have read and understand them:
  • Generic Risk Assessments: Adult Road Running Training
  • Generic Risk Assessments: Adult Off-Road Running Training
  • Road Running Training Adult Group Risk Assessment-Quotient Loop
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment-Penicuik Harriers
  • Coronavirus Awareness & Actions: These are basically unchanged and you must NOT attend a training session and stay at home if you have:
  • Been in contact with or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell.
  • Been told to self-isolate as part of the contact tracing measures in place.
  • Physical Distancing: Despite easing of restrictions, there are probably a number of us who maybe do not feel comfortable in a group environment, please therefore maintain social and physical distancing at training.
  • Good hygiene behaviours: Some may be asymptomatic, which is probably more so now following vaccination progress, therefore please ensure good hygiene practices prior to, during, and after training. DON’T share food, towels or drinks, etc.
  • Toilets: There will NOT be any toilets at training so please ensure that you are appropriately “prepared”.


  • Training Sessions will still be based on a time banding format in line with your current estimated 5km time, but a degree of flexibility will be available to you and your choice of evening, to suit your personal diaries. However, please note that time bandings are not set in stone and sessions can be tailored on the night to suit any individual who cares to attend:


Group 1 sub 20 minutes Dave Cairns Thursday 7:00pm
Group 2 20 – 23min 30sec Charlie Crawford
Group 3 23min 30sec – 27mins Susie Maxwell Tuesday 7:00pm
Group 4* 27 minutes + Jog Leader Group* Monday 7:00pm

* For those of you who are new to the Club or perhaps feel uncomfortable with formal interval training or recovering from illness or injury, we offer a more informal Jog Leader lead training option on Monday evenings. There are two Jog Leaders in attendance at each session who will attempt to ensure that everyone is coping, but if you feel you are struggling with recovery, then please don’t hesitate to speak to one of the Leaders and they can split the group.


  • We will continue to offer Monday, Tuesday & Thursday training session options as outlined above.
  • Ensure that you arrive at the venue, WARMED-UP AND READY TO START THE SESSION, which will generally comprise warm up drills followed by the designated training session.
  • Please also wear high-viz clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions.


  • In order to fulfil Track & Trace requirements we will continue to operate our on-line booking process which will identify group banding, available places, venue and who is the session lead. You will also require to agree to your personal contact details being shared with scottishathletics and Scottish Government Track & Trace teams in the event that anyone in your group develops Coronavirus symptoms or tests positive.
  • Although guidance allows for larger group sizes we have conservatively opted to maintain individual groups and stick with a current maximum group size of 12, which follows UKA coach:athlete ratio requirements.


  • The Interval Sessions outlined below are intended for Groups 1, 2 & 3 and are dependent upon weather and underfoot conditions, therefore subject to change. Group 4 Training will be set by the Jog Leaders and comprise lighter sessions focusing generally on technique and development of aerobic fitness.


October 2021 November 2021 December 2021
Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session
04/10/2021 3x1km 01/11/2021 4x1km 06/12/2021 3x3x600m
11/10/2021 3x3x400m 08/11/2021 2x3x600m 13/12/2021 2x3x800m
18/10/2021 5x800m 15/11/2021 2x3x800m 20/12/2021 2ml Time Trial
25/10/2021 2ml Time Trial 22/11/2021 5x1km
29/11/2021 2ml Time Trial
January 2022 February 2022 March 2022
Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session
10/01/2022 2x3x600m 07/02/2022 3x3x600m 07/03/2022 5x1km
17/01/2022 4x1km 14/02/2022 5x1km 14/03/2022 4x3x400m
24/01/2022 6x800m 21/02/2022 6x800m 21/03/2022 5x800m
31/01/2022 2ml Time Trial 28/02/2022 2ml Time Trial 28/03/2022 2ml Time Trial
April 2022
Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session Date (w/c) Session
04/04/2022 4x1km 11/04/2022 3x3x400m 18/04/2022 5x800m


  • To afford a transition between summer and winter training, whilst also affording a recovery period, I have incorporated “lighter” sessions (but they’re only as light as you make them) October and early April.
  • In order to maintain distancing you will still set off individually at 5 second intervals.
  • As you progress and improve please consider moving up a group, to challenge and explore your limits. Your coach who will be happy to discuss with you.
  • If you are uncomfortable with attending club training, you can following the proposed generic training session programme outlined above on your own.


  • I have opted to maintain the monthly “Time Trials” rather than revert to our previous monthly “Handicaps”. These will continue to be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays over the winter months at the “Quotient” venue, over the slightly shorter 3 lap course (3150m approx.), with everyone setting off at 5 second intervals.
  • Please note that there will not be Monday night training on “Time Trial” weeks.
  • These are one rep efforts therefore no “recovery” concerns, accordingly, please feel free to attend whichever evening suits you best. It’ll be a great opportunity to catch up with others who you may not have seen for a while.
  • The “Time Trials” provide both you and your coach with a means of gauging your progress.


  • Hill training interval sessions are great for strength endurance development. Unfortunately, at present and given that training is spread throughout the week with associated commitment of our coaching resources we will NOT be organising formal sessions.
  • However, you can easily find yourself a convenient hill and incorporate these into your own weekly training, or why not meet up with others.
  • Uphill Runs are a great way of improving strength and stamina. Choose a hill with a reasonable but not too steep a gradient and anything from 50m to 200m in length, do repetitions with the effort up the hill and easy recovery jog back, timed but don’t hang about to much between efforts, the jog back is your recovery.
  • Alternative Downhill Runs will improve leg speed. Chose a shallow resilient downhill gradient, preferably on grass with good underfoot conditions and no holes or dips. The recovery in this case is an easy jog back up the hill.


  • You will be responsible for your own warm downs.


  • If following a club training session you subsequently develop any Coronavirus symptoms or discover that you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, then please advise the club immediately and contact NHS.
  • UKA insurance does NOT cover any COVID-19 related claim; leaders and runners are therefore deemed to have made an informed judgement and decision whether or not to attend training.

Should you have any queries regarding Club training or require any assistance with planning your own individual training, then please don’t hesitate to give me, or any of the coaches, a call.

On behalf of the Club, Committee and Coronavirus sub-group,

Dave Cairns
Penicuik Harriers COVID Coordinator
UKA Level 3 Performance Coach – Speed & Endurance




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