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2023-24 winter training is now upon us and with it, associated training Venue changes and arrangements. Training programmes / arrangements are outlined in Appendix 1 (Tuesday Training) and Appendix 2 (Thursday Training) below.

In addition to the above, you should also note and be aware of the following:

  1. Health & Safety:
  • Risk Assessments: You should by now be familiar with the Clubs Generic Risk Assessments. These are posted on our Club Training Sessions website page, please ensure you have read and understand them:
  • Adult Road & Off-Road Running Training
  • Road Running Training Adult Group Risk Assessment-Quotient Loop
  • Coronavirus Awareness & Actions:
  • Despite the more relaxed attitudes towards COVID it is still out there amongst us so, if you are feeling unwell and suspect that you may be suffering from or have tested positive for COVID, please stay at home and do NOT attend training.
  • Likewise, if you’ve been in contact with or exposed to someone with COVID in the last 14 days, please stay at home and do NOT attend training.
  • Note: UKA Insurance does NOT cover any COVID-19 related claim; leaders and runners are therefore deemed to have made an informed judgement and decision on whether or not you attend training.
  • Please ensure good hygiene practices prior to, during, and after training. DON’T share food, towels or drinks, etc.
  • Toilets: Our winter training venues do NOT have any toilet facilities, so please ensure that you are appropriately “prepared”.
  1. On-line Training Session Booking:
  • We will continue to operate our on-line booking system, which is as much for your benefit as the Coaches. The booking sheet identifies the training sessions, venues and who is leading the session whilst also giving the Coaches notice of who to expect at training and if nobody has signed up, the opportunity to cancel the session and save a wasted journey.
  1. Pre-training warm-up and post-training warm down:
  • You will be responsible for your own pre-training warm-up and should arrive at the allotted time ready to commence the session.
  • Coach supervised sessions will generally be preceded by active mobility warm-up drills.
  • Likewise, post-training warm-down is also your own responsibility.
  1. Adverse Weather:
  • The Interval Sessions outlined below are dependent upon weather and underfoot conditions, therefore subject to change.
  1. Clothing:
  • Please wear high-viz clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions. Although paths and roads are fully lit, a head torch is advised and might also help to highlight your presence.
  1. Additional Comments:
  • To afford a transition and recovery between summer and winter training, “lighter” sessions have been incorporated in September and early April (but they’re only as light as you make them).
  • If you are unable to attend club training for whatever reason, you can utilise the proposed generic training session programme outlined above.
  • Should you have any queries regarding Club training or require any assistance with planning your own individual training, then please don’t hesitate to give me, or any of the coaches, a call.


On behalf of the Club, Committee and Coronavirus sub-group,

Dave Cairns
UKA Level 3 Performance Coach – Speed & Endurance




(Tuesday 19th September 2023 – Tuesday 9th April 2024 inclusive)


  1. Training Venue:
  • We will return to “Quotient” as our main winter training venue (subject to our licence renewal from Scottish Enterprise and that the site remains clear of “Travellers”) and take this opportunity to thank Scottish Enterprise for their support in allowing us access.
  • Meet / park at the section of the old A701 road to the south of Bush Loan Road, off Gowkley Moss roundabout, at 7.00pm for a group warmup jog over to the start and around the course. Please be warmed up and ready for the allotted session, which will commence at 7.15pm.
  • The exception to the above will be for training prior to the AGM and the Christmas Handicap which will be at Mauricewood.

Quotient location

  1. Training Session Format:
  • Training Sessions: Performance level grouped interval sessions plus monthly handicaps.
  • “Quotient Loop” Training Protocol: Run in an anti-clockwise direction and keep to the left allowing faster runners to overtake on the right.
  1. Monthly “2-mile Handicaps”:
  • Generally held on the last Tuesday of the month except for the December “Christmas Handicap”, which is fun and gives you the opportunity to exchange presents through a “Secret Santa”, draw based on your finishing order.
  • “Handicaps” provide both you and your coach with a means of gauging your progress.
  1. Tuesday Winter 2023-24 Training Sessions:


September 2023 October 2023 November 2023
Date Session Date Session Date Session
Summer Training 03/10/2023 3x3x400m 07/11/2023 3x4x400m
Summer Training 10/10/2023 5x800m 14/11/2023 2x3x800m
19/09/2023 6x600m 17/10/2023 2x4x600m 21/11/2023 5x1km
26/09/2023 2-mile Handicap 24/10/2023 3x1km* 28/11/2023 2-mile H’cap
* AGM – Mauricewood loop 31/10/2023 2-mile H’cap
December 2023 January 2024 February 2024
Date Session Date Session Date Session
05/12/2023 2x4x600m Winter Break 06/02/2024 3x3x600m
12/12/2023 2-mile Handicap* 09/01/2024 3x3x400m 13/02/2024 5x1km
* Xmas Handicap – Mauricewod 16/01/2024 4x1km 20/02/2024 6x800m
19/12/2023 5x800m 23/01/2024 6x800m 27/02/2024 2-mile H’cap
Winter Break 30/01/2024 2-mile H’cap
March 2024 April 2024  
Date Session Date Session Date Session
05/03/2024 4x3x400m 02/04/2024 5x800m Summer Training
12/03/2024 5x1km 09/04/2024 3x3x400m Summer Training
19/03/2024 3x3x600m Summer Training Summer Training
26/03/2024 2-mile Handicap Summer Training Summer Training




(Thursday 21st September 2023 – Thursday 11th April 2024 inclusive)


  1. Introduction:
  • Thursday Hill Training was generally poorly attended over the summer and last winter. Given our limited Club Coaching resources and available time, which are to say the least stretched, we have reluctantly reached the decision that we must make drastic changes to Thursday night training.
  • It is therefore proposed that the following changes are implemented on a trial basis from the start of 2023-24 Winter training:
  • To maintain consistency of venue and start times, meet at the top of Bellman’s Road fully warmed up and ready for a 6.30pm start. Sessions will comprise Hill Runs, alternating on a fortnightly basis with Group Runs. It is appreciated that the earlier start time may not suit some but it’s the best we can offer with our current Coaching resources.
  1. “Hill Runs”:
  • Will be Coach lead, using the lit path between the top of Bellman’s Road and Cuiken Terrace (See below). Sessions will be mixed but generally comprise timed efforts, shuttle runs between lampposts, or similar.
  • The aim is to complete the set number of repetitions on a 3-minute turn-around targeting the top of the hill and jog back to the starting point for a short recovery before the next “rep”. However, this may not be achievable for all, so keep an eye on the front runners and when they hit the top of the hill you turn around too and return to the start.
    Please note that this is a public footpath so be aware of and courteous to other users.

Hill Runs route

  1. “Group Runs”:
  • These will be unsupervised, so participation is at your own risk.
  • Depending upon who turns up, these runs can be either group social runs or, if you’re up for it, tempo runs, over as many laps as you choose. For Tempo runs you can all set off together, but the group will soon break up so you should aim to say with someone of similar ability.
  • The proposed preferred course is as follows:
  • Start – Belman’s Road, Carlops Road, Edinburgh Road, Queensway, Rullion Road, Carlops Road to Bellman’s Road – Finish (See below).

Group Runs route

  • This course is approximately 3 miles and generally avoids major road crossings whilst also incorporates some hills, where concerted effort might provide strength / endurance benefit.
  • Please stay on footpaths wherever possible and remain mindful throughout of other pedestrians, dog walkers, road users, traffic at junctions, etc.
  • If you’re racing at the weekend, please be careful and don’t over-extend yourself so close to your race!
  1. Thursday Winter Training Sessions:


September 2023 October 2023 November 2023
Date Session Date Session Date Session
Summer Training 05/10/2023 Hills x 7 rep’s 02/11/2023 Hills x 7 rep’s
Summer Training 12/10/2023 Group Run* 09/11/2023 Group Run*
21/09/2023 Hills x 6 rep’s 19/10/2023 Hills x 8 rep’s 16/11/2023 Hills x 8 rep’s
28/09/2023 Group Run* 26/10/2023 Group Run* 23/11/2023 Group Run*
30/11/2023 Hills x 9 rep’s
December 2023 January 2024 February 2024
Date Session Date Session Date Session
07/12/2023 Group Run* Winter Break 01/02/2024 Group Run*
14/12/2023 Hills x 8 rep’s 11/01/2024 Hills x 8 rep’s 08/02/2024 Hills x 10 rep’s
Winter Break 18/01/2024 Group Run* 15/02/2024 Group Run*
Winter Break 25/01/2024 Hills x 9 rep’s 22/02/2024 Hills x 9 rep’s
29/02/2024 Group Run*
March 2024 April 2024  
Date Session Date Session Date Session
07/03/2024 Hills x 10 rep’s 04/04/2024 Hills x 12 rep’s Summer Training
14/03/2024 Group Run* 11/04/2024 Group Run* Summer Training
21/03/2024 Hills x 11 rep’s Summer Training Summer Training
28/03/2024 Group Run* Summer Training Summer Training
* Refer to “GROUP RUNS” above.

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