Training Sessions

We meet every Tuesday at Beeslack High School in the main car park at 7pm for varied sessions geared towards distance running and covering cross-country, roads, marathon and hills.

We also have a hill session on a Thursday at 7pm, with the venue dependant on the season and current conditions. This is usually arranged on a week by week basis so if you would like to come along it’s best to give Bill Bennet a ring on 01968 674500.

Our sessions suit all level of runner, ideally you need to be able to run the warm up which is usually 2 miles at chatting pace without stopping.  The actual session has runners split into their ability levels and there is no pressure, the sessions are timed so you can hear how you are developing over certain distances.

At the weekends – depending on competitions – we arrange longer runs over country or hill; this is agreed and arranged by the runners themselves.

See our Find Us page for some push pins showing the above locations.

As a club affiliated to Scottish Athletics, we take the health and safety of our members seriously. As such we’ve completed the following risk assessments covering our two regular training session types:

Off Road Training Sessions

On Road Training Sessions

35 comments on Training Sessions

  1. Natasha says:


    I’m 13 and me and my freind who are complete beginners want to join a running club and are wondering if we can come on the Thursday club even though we are complete beginners when it comes to running

    Natasha and lucy

  2. Phil Hayes says:

    Hi what level do you have to be to come along
    I recently stopped smoking after 25 years and I’m 45 haven’t run in years and can’t even run 5 k without walking half of it at the moment

    If you could let me know then I can aim for that target then come along
    Many thanks

  3. kate hutchinson says:


    I am eventually going to come along to the hill session this evening, but I’m a bit unsure of how to find the location?


  4. Emma says:

    I am looking to join a running club, I don’t have much experience club running. would it be possible to join a few sessions?

  5. Emma Gallagher says:


    My partner and I are doing a half marathon in August and we are keen to join a running club. Would it be possible to come along to your Sessions on a Tuesday? Thanks

  6. Vicky says:

    Certainly you will be most welcome. All our sessions cater for all levels of runners. See you on Thursday.

  7. Kate Hutchinson says:

    I’m interested in coming along to your hill session this Thursday. Would that be ok? I’m pretty slow at the moment, but that’s why I’m interested in joining a club! 🙂


  8. michael mccomb says:


    Can I just confirm which car park the club meets up on a Tue night? Is it the one at the front of the school? Thanks

  9. Caroline Lindsay says:

    I’m looking to train up to half marathon distance, starting from a 10k fitness level. I can’t make Tuesdays evenings, but can run during the school day. Is there an alternative group who run between 9-3pm?

  10. Vicky says:

    Hi Netta

    Thanks for your enquiry. Dont worry about not being ‘fast’ enough. Training with a club is a great way to improve your fitness. We meet up in the car park at the back of Beeslack on a Tuesday evening at 7pm. Come along and try a few sessions



  11. Netta Maciver says:


    I would like to join a running club, I can run 10k, but I am quite slow, I hink running with others would help? How fast do you need to run to join the club?



  12. Nikki says:


    I have recently completed a Couch to 5k programme and can now run for 30 mins but would like to join a club to improve. Do I just turn up to Beeslack at 7pm on Tuesday? Should I bring an application form with me?

    Kind regards,


    • Susan says:

      Hi Nikki, thanks for your enquiry. Yeah just turn up at 7pm and look out for a bunch of runners in the car park. You can bring a form if you’d like – or you can try it for a few weeks to see if you like it. Entirely up to you.

      Kind regards

  13. Paul says:

    Hi I am 24 years old and done a few events this year I used to run for lass wade I was wondering if I could come along to training tomorrow nite? Thanks Paul

    • Susan says:

      Hi Paul
      you’re more than welcome to come along. We meet at 7pm in the car park at Beeslack. See you then.


  14. Jackie gordon says:

    Hi there,

    I only took up running in January of this year at the grand old age of 45 to get fit! and it has worked wonders for me, I would love to come along to the Tuesday night sessions do I just turn up at and join in..

    • Susan says:

      Hi Jackie
      You’re more than welcome to come along, and yes just turn up and join in. We meet at 7pm in the main car park of Beeslack. All ages and abilities are welcome!

  15. Susan says:

    Hi Fiona

    yes that’d be fine. If it’s hill training you’re after then Thursday nights may be more suitable for you. The session is hill reps using a slope to the east of Hillend ski centre. Tuesday nights is an intervals based session on flat ground.

    Hope that helps. Get in touch if you’d like more info.


  16. fionna mackinnon says:

    trying to get back to some more running especially in the hills after having my son 7 months ago. usually run with carnethy but cant get to their runs on wednesdays as my husband works till late so hoping I can maybe come and train on Tuesdays at penicuik. would that be okay

  17. Nicola says:

    Hi I would love to come and join your training sessions but
    I’m abit nervous I’m not fit enough. I have recently just did my
    First 5k park run and looking to improve time and also take on
    Hills and more endurance work as I’m taking park in the speed
    Of light in August. I just abit nervous I can’t keep up!

    • Susan says:

      Hi Nicola
      Great to hear you fancy joining in! Best thing to do is come along on a Tuesday night and take part and see if you like it, no obligation to join. We have runners of all abilities including beginners. The fact you’ve completed a 5k park run is great!

      Please get in touch if you’d like more info.

      Club Sec

      • Nicola says:

        That’s fab as I said I’ve a lot to work on but need to
        Start somewhere! I also have a friend interested
        And she’s abit worried as she’s trying to gain distance
        As she’s better at sprinting. I will say to her about Tuesday
        And we can bite the bullet and come along. What time and
        Do we need to bring anything? Thanks.

        • Susan says:

          you don’t need to bring anything other than be changed and ready to run. We meet at 7pm in the car park at Beeslack school. Your friend will be fine, weather depending we intend on using the grass running track at Beeslack.

          Hope to see you then.

  18. Sharon Bird says:


    I was wondering if you were doing the hill session this Thursday (5th January) and if it would be OK for me to come along….


    • susiwoosi says:

      Hi Sharon

      Training is still on its Xmas break and doesn’t resume until Tues 10th January, when you are more than welcome to come along to either the Tues or Thurs session.

      Hope that helps

  19. Johanna says:

    Hi, Ive been doing some Hill training by myself on Artur’s Seat and have just entered to do the mighty dear stalker race in March. So trying to step up my training. Would it be possible to come along some evening to your training sessions?
    Kind Regards

    • susiwoosi says:

      Hi Johanna, you’re welcome to come along to our training sessions. They’ll certainly help your training for the deer stalker! Probably best to come along on a Tuesday to start off with, then if you like it you can join up.
      Thanks, Susan (Club Secretary)

  20. paul benham says:

    hi i used to run for lasswade athletic. i am 22 years of age and would like to come join you at taining on tuesday and thursday if ok? thanks

    • susiwoosi says:

      Hi Paul, not sure if anyone replied to you or not. You’re welcome to come along whenever you like to any session. Try us out for a while then you can decide if you fancy joining up.

      Thanks, Susan (Club Secretary)

  21. bill bennet says:

    Unfortunately we do not have the coaches to look after under 18s. The nearest clubs which coach juniors are Lasswade AC, Edinburgh AC and Corstorphine AC. All have usefull websites.

  22. Sue Gray says:

    My son who is 13 would like to join a running club how should he go about it – we are local to Penicuik

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