Eildon 2 Hills Race

Eildon 2 Hills Race, 25th June 2011

A great day at Melrose, unlike the last 3 or 4 years, it was merely slightly damp, the course was in great shape and 217 it. I understand the there were 220 starters but Sam Hesling from Carnethy, among others, failed to finish; he went off the second hill to the south and never reached the finish. It was all a bit unfortunate for him but it’s been done before; I know, I did the same thing last year but at least I got back to the finish. Susie Maxwell drew my attention to Sam’s plight, though she did put it rather unkindly – what she said to me this morning was “Now you’re not the only numpty”. That‘s a comforting thought.

But to the race itself: Murray Strain, HBT, won in 27m31s; Tracey Brindley, Ochil Hill Runners, was the first woman. Gordon Campbell in 164th position was first Penicuik Harrier, though in a strident Carnegie multi-coloured vest. Janice Smith, in a very dull brown HBT vest, in 191st position, was the second of our current squad and Bill Bennet, in a tasteful long sleeved Penicuik T shirt, was the third Harrier in 212th position. Full results can be found on the Scottish Hill Runners website.

It’s a great race, even when I eventually got back to Melrose, the streets were still crowded and the crowds cheering. All finishers received a tot glass, empty unfortunately, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first race up and down the Eildons. It was my 16th completion of the Eildons. Put it in your racing plan for next year.

Bill B

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  1. sooz says:

    As a serial numpty normally, I have only not been lost because I am trying desperately to catch others and have luckily been following someone who knew where they were going!

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