Glentress Duathlon (short)

Rob, Andrea and I headed down to Glentress for this race on Sunday (22nd) for our first attempt at duathlon.   Course had been changed unfortunately from the one I was looking forward to due to the high winds bringing lots of trees down.  Weather was beautiful however thus prompting many discussions about how many layers to wear; or not if you are me!

I started at the back of the pack unfortunately (never wearing Gord’s Garmin watch again) but managed to get past a few people on the never ending climb up to Magic Mushroom entrance where we turned sharp right and immediately onto a really steep track up, a few more twist and turns that seemed to all be uphill before just as my calves couldn’t take it any more we began our descent – which was FAB!!  Hit the fire road at the Peel and got sent up a real steep track to get to Red Squirrel where transition was.  Legs like jelly I grabbed my bike (very relieved to see lots of bikes still there) and set off uphill (again) to Blue return and upwards (again) to Magic Mushroom.  No passing places or rather guy in front not willing to pull over so bit frustrated but made up for that on fire road and Sair Fecht.

When we joined Blue climb to Buzzards and onto Electric Blue I was able to really shift before hitting the Red return where I had to keep shifting as 2 guys right on my tail so no choice other than follow the track of the girl in front and try and stay on bike!  Definitely rode that section faster than I ever would have normally but I guess that shows I should be a bit braver and go for it.  So glad to see Red Squirrel again with the thought that I will never, ever do that again.  Two seconds later found myself saying to Rob, “That was fantastic – I loved it!”

Chatted to Bob Johnston afterwards – he came 13th out of 143, total respect for that!

60th Rob  Run – 28.52  Total time – 1:00:51
108th Andrea Run – 33.45 Total time – 1:09:20
114th Susie  Run – 34.58  Total time 1:10:53

Full results are here

Have emailed our thanks to the organiser as the route was marked and marshaled really well – couldn’t fault it!


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2 comments on Glentress Duathlon (short)

  1. Rob says:

    I know, I know – should be “too”

  2. Rob says:

    The mountain biking was way to stressful…..or I was to s**t!
    Teams are possible, so am trying to persuade Gordon to do the cycling part in the next February duathlon.

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