A marathon is 2.62 miles, right?!

Dear fellow Harriers,

I’d be chuffed if you could sponsor me for my virgin Virgin London Marathon next year (See what I did there?!) I feel a bit cheeky asking as I’m just doing the one, and it’s not in the desert! (Although I hear there are just as many dangerous creatures lurking in the backstreets of the Capitol…!)

I will also point out however that we also have two other Harriers running in the Club slots who will probably also post soon, so please look out for them! (Can somebody help me out and post who else is running please?!)

Anyway, my link is www.justgiving.com/CarlProctor

Very many thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all at (again, my first!) Handicap on Tuesday!


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4 comments on A marathon is 2.62 miles, right?!

  1. Dave C says:

    The decimal point location does make a difference to the required training commitment!

    • Carl says:

      Sadly…! Mind you, the Pentlands were BEAUTIFUL yesterday after the snowfall! The crunch underfoot couple with the views going over Carnethy were well worth getting out of bed for…! 😉

  2. Sarah Burthe says:

    Hi Carl,

    I’m doing it too and will be trying to raise some money for the RNLI but not yet got round to organising web pages etc- you are very organised! Now I just need to do some training- still have a lingering chest infection so won’t be doing this handicap but should be back fighting fit next Tuesday… see you there!


    • Carl says:

      Yeah, sorry Sarah – I was very aware of getting in there first and didn’t want anyone to overlook you guys! Hopefully by starting early I can make the target…! It seems epic at the moment!!

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