Langdale Half Marathon 2013

I went down to Great Langdale campsite the night before the race with my family. I had a good sleep in our tent and a nice breakfast of muesli and boiled eggs. I was glad of that as the race start time said 11 on the website but turned out to be 12 on the day and in fact was delayed until 12.15 for some unknown reason. It wasnt too bad as we had the stickletavern to wait in so I had a cup of tea and made use of the wifi.
When we got started the weather was quite overcast with alot of low cloud and a bit of drizzle. I quickly took off my waterproof jacket though as not long into the race there was a pretty steep hill and I was feeling the heat.
The route meanders through the hills and past a couple of little lakes and through a few homesteads. The cloud lifted a bit and I was able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
The other runners were very friendly and there was lots of marshals to give support. There was water stations about every 3 miles and even some chocolate and winegums being handed out. This was welcomed by me and I am sure by the full marathon runners who were doing the same route twice!
I really enjoyed the race and had another night camping at the national trust campsite. I also indulged in a pint at the stickletavern where they had a live band on and there were lots of other runners there to share race stories with, we even had some energy left for a little dance. 🙂

I finished in position 104 out of 297 with a time of 1:51:59
06/017 for my category
The winner got a time of : 01:21:37 (a Portobello runner)!

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5 comments on Langdale Half Marathon 2013

  1. sadie kemp says:

    Thanks Hilary very sweet of you to say that. I wish I had your pace! 🙂

  2. Hilary says:

    A fellow runner told me today that the langdale half had the reputation to be harder than a full marathon. Wonderfully (and typically) underplayed in your report Sadie! Love your appetite for the racing-you’re an inspiration!

  3. sadie kemp says:

    Would have been tempting but it looks like entry is closed now. 🙁

  4. Rob Wilson says:

    nothing stops you Sadie!
    Breweries this weekend?

  5. Jan Dawson says:

    Well done Sadie!

    Twice round for the full? Think I’ll give that one a miss!

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