Greenmantle Dash

Lots of Harriers headed to Broughton to blow away a few cobwebs in this mad 2 mile hill race!  It’s a great route with a few obstacles including a wall, fence, stream and a very sludgy bog!  Oh yeah and there is a wee hill to get up and down 🙂  The hardy had a great dunk in the stream afterwards, lost the feeling in our legs but great for cleaning the shoes!

Out of the Harriers Duncan got back first followed by Stu, Mike, Rob, Carl, Jan, Andrea, Chris D, Mark, Susie, Sadie, Ngeme & Kirsty. Not sure if I have the order right.  Bill was there supporting his grandchildren and Dave was there officiating and being chief ‘kit-carrier’ for us!

Don’t have any results yet but there are a few photos below. More photos on SHR website too.

Great race, many thanks to Dick Wall for organising.

Photos are mostly of the post race beverage enjoyment!  We have a few more photos to follow.

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  1. gilly says:

    Sounds like a great race, sorry I missed it, especially the beer 🙂

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