7 Hills of Edinburgh

It’s a toughie especially when the suns beats down on you but the 7 Hills of Edinburgh is a great race!

You choose your own route between the hills but you must do them in the following order : Castle Rock, Corstorphine Hill, Craiglockhart Hill, Braid Hill, Blackford Hill, Arthurs Seat and Calton Hill. There is no wrong route, there is just slower routes –  it is up to you. I think we were quite a spectacle for the tourists on the Royal Mile and on the top of Arthurs Seat.
Rewarded with yummy food and drinks and Sadie and Vicky got a wee minature for having done Edinburgh Marathon and 7HoE 🙂
PB’s for all the girls, 2 who hadn’t done it before, I don’t think Duncan got a PB but he has a ‘double race weekend’ as his excuse 🙂

DSC_0354 DSC_0355 DSC_0356DSC_0350

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  1. Rob says:

    at least no one got lost!!!!!

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