London: Lucky Number Seven

So marathon number seven and after years of ballot knock backs my luck came in for London. I took the Friday off work so that me and the family could travel down by train (first class!) to the big smoke.
Friday afternoon in the expo was nice and quiet so I didnt have to que for anything. The kids occupied themselves eating as muh free samples as they could from the Cliff Stand!
Sunday morning saw me heading off on the train to the Greenwich start. Being the only charit runner from the harriers I was in the red start on my own but I met up with a number of friends from the Run Mummy Run facebook group. Was a great start to the race.
The race itself was busy but awesome. While I was running on my own I met so many friends I had made on facebook. The highlight being meeting Nicky and Mark who started up the Running the World facebook page. The 35th anniversary was all about the fraternity of the running community. For me this has never felt so real as every mile I was meeting online friends for the first time in the real world.
For Sean and the kids their highlight was seeing Paula as she raced past. (Sean got her picture on his phone). It was a number of hours later before I got a hug from them at the Spinal Research cheer point on Birdcage walk.
So my first London and my first World Major. What could top that?
Marathon Number 8 coming up back in Edinburgh!

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4 comments on London: Lucky Number Seven

  1. Mark Dawson says:

    Fantastic you got a place at last Vicky! Great to get a club place myself, I really enjoyed it too. Going down on the Friday must have been good, no trekking around too much the day before the race. Good luck for the Edinburgh marathon soon. Only one long run to do before the taper 🙂

  2. sarah B says:

    Well done to wonder woman- another marathon in the bag!! Awesome work.

  3. David Cairns says:

    Good effort Vicky. Aye, I remember it well (I think, might be a bit clouded in the mists of time, 1984 that is).

  4. Sadie Kemp says:

    Well done Vicky. I travelled with my family too, there is so much to do in London we all had a great weekend. Its lovely that you made some new friends too. X

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