Traprain Law Race : 13 June, 2015

This was a first for me and I really enjoyed the event. It is held on the East Linton gala day and the gala queen sounded the horn to start the race, which was a lovely touch. There was plenty going on including stalls and a stage where singing and bagpipes could be heard to keep you occupied while waiting for the race to start. The route is a gradual climb taking you through the woods and through a river (you will get wet!) and along the riverbank to Traprain law, where we clambered over the rocks to reach the top. traprain_mapThen down the steep side of the Law and back along the edge of fields and through the trees again back to the start. There are some road sections so trail rather than hill shoes are probably best. The paths are quite narrow in places with tree roots here and there one of which I tripped on and did a superman fall grazing my knees and getting a bit muddy. Its a small race with only 72 runners, maybe because it clashes with Durisdeer. Worth a wee trip through though. (Thanks to Bob Marshall and Dunbar running club for the action shots)


13 Stuart Sanderson 0:44:10
53 Sadie Kemp 0:55:51

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3 comments on Traprain Law Race : 13 June, 2015

  1. Rob Wilson says:

    you felt it Sadie because you never rest!!! 🙂
    I ran TL a few years ago with Tim Doyle – another good race for those who like cross country but want to venture into the hills Durisdeer was a British Championship race this year – hence the high numbers. Normally, they would be much lower.

  2. David Cairns says:

    Well done the pair of you. East Lothian’s flat is it not?

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