Maddy Moss hill race a.k.a Maddy Moss Mash 15 July 2015

Billed as ‘Possibly the best, and generally the longest time-wise, of the mid-week Bog and Burn races’ I was expecting a challenge, full body cover was required so I went prepared with map and compass. The map I had printed wasn’t correct as the course had been altered slightly to follow the red route on the map above, but this was made clear at registration. As it was an evening race I toyed with the idea of putting my head torch in my pack just in case but then decided this was probably overdoing it. maddymossrouteAs it happened the visibility was great apart from a slight bit of cloud at the top of Ben Cleuch and I was never alone on the hill. I was glad of this as someone had made the ill advised decision to wear a bright orange morph suit plus a mask which I found a little disturbing and had I met him alone in the mist I might well have freaked out and used my whistle. The race begins on a uphill so there isn’t much time to warm up before you are puffing and panting your way up the track towards Ben Cleuch. There was 157 runners competing and the track very quickly narrows so you need to settle in at the pace of those around you running and walking according to the terrain. There are a couple of points where I found myself clambering over rocks and there is a very pretty little stream to cross near the beginning. As you gain more height the path opens up and allows for some overtaking but I was happy to go at a fast walk until the hillside levelled out a bit. At this point I was able to run again and as you near the summit you are passed by the faster runners in the opposite direction, I saw Gillian Cairns looking strong as ever. The hills were quite peaty with some boggy sections where you need to choose your route carefully. The route undulates but most of the uphill is done in the first section, before you know it you reach Andrew Gannel hill. I made use of any ascents to take a drink of water as it was pretty mild weather. PicsArt_1436997131923The views were fantastic back towards Tillicoultry and there is a nice section of running on a gentle downhill which I particularly enjoyed, I was thinking what a nice way to spend a wednesday evening. As I headed towards the steep downhill section Chris Downie went flying past me saying this was the part he had been looking forward to. Well this was the part I had been dreading as I have had a few falls recently and was feeling nervous. Sure enough a few people passed me as I tentatively made my way to the finish. There a couple of routes through the ferns and I tried to take what looked like the most straightforward and hoped it would bring me out at the right point. I think they mostly join up at the end so it probably didnt matter which one you chose. At the bottom my fellow harriers were being eaten alive by midgies so we headed straight back to the cars.

40 01:05:19 Mike Brooks
41 01:05:22 Rob Wilson
79 01:13:24 Gillian Cairns
134 01:25:33 Chris Downie
140 01:27:29 Sadie Kemp

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4 comments on Maddy Moss hill race a.k.a Maddy Moss Mash 15 July 2015

  1. Gillian Cairns says:

    Great report, Sadie – it was a really enjoyable race on a lovely evening. Loving the Mike and Rob competition!! 😉

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    Enjoyed your report Sadie, it took me back to the good old days when I ran Maddy Moss instead of merely reading about the race in race reports. It’s a tough course especially early on up The Law. Good running from the Harriers; and I noticed a couple of runners who used to do our Thursday hill rep sessions, Edel Mooney, 1st Lady, and Steve Fallon, 2nd Supervet.

  3. Mike Brooks says:

    Great report Sadie, boy was that a toughie for a school night
    Back in the game Rob !!

  4. Rob Wilson says:

    Damn that Mike Brooks for a full recovery from his Ultra induced injuries – pipped to the post in the last half km – next time! next time!

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