Penicuik 10k “never disappoints”

Despite the untimely end to our six week dry spell, the weather was perfect for running. And despite two (!) road accidents on the route during the hour before, the combined efforts of the emergency services ensured that our race was still able to go ahead on time – phew!

The race went smoothly with runners from the local area and much further afield taking part, with many Penicuik 10k ‘first timers’ enjoying our beautiful route too. Roads were busier due to yet another diversion but runners stayed on the pavements as instructed and crossed roads with the Police when advised.

If you’re looking for this year’s results, they’re online now – please let us know if you spot any issues?

The feedback received from runners thanks us once again for the great support from the marshals, how well marked the course was and just what a friendly and well organised race Penicuik Harriers host each year – fantastic to hear and I’ve used one direct quote as the title of this post (there are many more though!).

All I can say is, it is our pleasure and there would be no race without the runners!

The club members sweep the course, bake the cakes, put up the signs and tents, fill the water cups and cheer you all on as our way of thanking runners for coming to Penicuik to take part in our race – it is a great day for our club. Of course, there is a lot more than that involved but they are the important things, so thank you club members and other helpers 🙂

Once again we are eternally grateful to Bob Marshall for his fantastic photos (thanks Bob!) and over the next couple of days we hope to upload some video footage of the race too. A wee video of this year’s race is now available here.

Finally, a fantastic £272.64 was raised from our post race foodfest! Half of this will go to Broomhill Day Centre and the other half is still to be decided.

See you all next year!


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2 comments on Penicuik 10k “never disappoints”

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Well done Susie on organising another fanastic race. Such a pleasure to be involved in it and to see the runners give it their all.

  2. Julia Cunningham says:

    It’s true, I’ve done Penicuik 3 times, so has my husband, so we have been at the event racing or supporting, many times in the last few years and it does not disappoint. Great organisation of the event, well marshalled, race info prior to the event and on the day always expansive, tricky roads crossed without difficulty, water at the water station in bottles (I particularly like this being unable to drink from a cup whilst on the move), and the encouragement from the volunteers especially in the last wee bit through the houses in the last 400m was invaluable. Friendly ahd fun, how all races should be. Well done. One last point, apologies for not staying for the presentation, I had no idea I was 1st F40, ironically I was still in Penicuik, the children had a play date with friends in a house at the bottom of Pomathorn.

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