Cheviot Trail Marathon

We left Wooler on our way to Kirk Yrtholm in hot sunshine and it was only 9am!

A steep uphill for nearly a mile on the road wasn’t the best start but we soon went into the woods, trails and more hills. The route to Kirk Yetholm takes you across fields, over open moorland  and through little hamlets with the most beautiful houses. When in the hills you couldn’t look up from the path very often but when you did the views were stunning!

Touching the wall was pretty cool at Kirk Yetholm, a quick camelbak fill up and then straight back up the massive hill we had just run down. I was nice running back the way you had come because you knew what to expect but you wouldn’t believe how many people went the wrong way!  I had my usual struggles and aches about mile 19 but kept going and was encouraged by lovely walkers who you see lots of on the route.

Very relieved to finish and have a proper chat with the various people that I had run with during the race.

Some photos

Map of the route

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2 comments on Cheviot Trail Marathon

  1. David Cairns says:

    Great work, you certainly got a beautiful day for it although probably to hot. The Penicuik Pioneers, always out there looking for new events. I’m amazed how far the Harriers gospel spreads around the country, Europe & the World. Lang may yer lum reek!

  2. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done Susie, it certainly looks a lovely bit of country; but not an area I know. Even the wall you had to touch looks lovely in the photo and you look lovely too.

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