Eildons Hill Race 2019: In Sarah’s dust…….

While other members of the Harriers were performing remarkable feats of endurance, Sarah and I had a more “leisurely” time around the Melrose Eildons.

7.2kms and 480m of climb – short, but not so sweet – a tough fast little fell race. The race route takes you across all 3 of the Eildon Hills but, this year, in a different order to that of the Eildon’s Trail race or Jedburgh Ultra.

Eildons Three Hill Race Route

The race is part of the local Melrose Highland games so there is a nice atmosphere and one needs to be very careful to run the correct race – it would be embarrassing to lose the egg and spoon race.

The climb up to the 1st peak is a real thigh burn, but from the summit it is all rather runnable and a little mad as the paths are often more scree than path.

At the start gun, I did my usual and sprinted off to get some seconds of glory. Soon however, as the my legs started getting heavy, runners started passing me – including Sarah. I was determined to keep her in sight.

This was my first short race of the year and I certainly had not trained for this kind of intensity. My calves and thighs were screaming, but I manage to at least Keep Sarah in sight for most of the race. The final descent was a blur of mad arm waving and screaming muscles as we went back down into the warm temperatures of the town. The heat in the sun after crossing the finish line was intense and everyone looked like they were melting.

Of 92 runners, Sarah came in 11th (2nd lady and 1st in her category). I came in a rather sweaty 20th, but at least got a PB which aint bad at my age.

Nice to be back attempting some speedy running.



Sarah McKechnie 00:44:29

Rob Wilson 00:45:49

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3 comments on Eildons Hill Race 2019: In Sarah’s dust…….

  1. Michael Philp says:

    Well done Rob And Sarah

  2. David Cairns says:

    Great running guys, but no mention of the warm down in the Tweed, a Harriers “Tradition” that you might have benefitted from post-race.

  3. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done Sarah and Rob, both well up in a big field. It’s a tough race but Sarah had prepared well for it, with several Thursday evening Hillend Hill Rep sessions.

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