Lake Louisa State Park 5K, Florida

So here I am, in Florida and what better way to spend your holiday than do a race!  This race wasn’t far from our villa so the registration time of 6.30am (!!) didn’t seem too painful.  There’s good reason for the early start, the temperature was only in the early 20s!  I did a short warm up and some strides and could already feel the humidity starting to affect me.  Oh well no turning back now!!  The start line was full of all ages and abilities and even someone in a wheelchair!  The hooter sounded and we were off!  I ran at a steady pace, not pushing things too much as I wasn’t sure what lay ahead and the humidity was like nothing I’ve ever run in before.  But I hung in, worked my way up to 2nd female and on the way had a battle with a little kid who must’ve been about 12 (I eventually defeated him though).  Not the same standard of field as back home but I was extremely chuffed and relieved to hold onto 2nd position and lucky 13th overall in a PW of 23.16.  Most amusing was the surprise in the commentator’s voice as he announced I was from Scotland when I crossed the line, or should I say Scatland!   Jamie was there at the finish to take some snaps and pass comment that he’d never seen me sweat so much before, and he was right!  So to the prize giving, there was no prize for 2nd female but I was 1st in my age group and got a little trophy to take home.  A native plant was also awarded to the winners of trophies but I had to decline the offer as I doubted I could’ve smuggled it home through customs.

I thoroughly enjoyed the race, there was a much better atmosphere than at any other race I’ve done back home.  I’ve never seen so much encouragement for other runners and so much hi-fiving going on and I got a nice cheer when I collected my trophy.

See you when I’m back!  Pics to follow…


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7 comments on Lake Louisa State Park 5K, Florida

  1. Dave C says:

    Aye, well done Susan. Races in USA are different from home and very much family orientated with BBQ’s & entertainment, etc. all day from what I remember.

  2. Sheena Routledge says:

    Well done Susie – we are very proud of you. Glad to hear you are having a ball – watch out for the crocodiles!

    Auntie Sheena and Uncle Bill XXXX

  3. Susie says:

    What are you like, no rest for you on holiday!!! Hope you didn’t ask them to pronounce Penicuik 🙂 Enjoy the rest of you holiday Mrs xxxx
    p.s. Have managed to book a room for meeting – are you proud?

  4. bill bennet says:

    Well done Susan: I thought you were looking great in the photos, tallish, stately, even imperious as you ran through the finish. But where are photos 1 nd 2?

  5. Mark Snodgrass says:

    Great effort Susan…trust you are relaxing a bit more now?

  6. Rob says:

    ach – the wee pasty Scottish lass abroad – going from blue to white and then beetroot!!!

  7. gilly says:

    Well done Susan – I struggled to walk round Disney in Florida let alone run a race! Look forward to seeing the photos when you post them and of course your trophy when you get home:)

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