Yetholm Hill Race

2.06.2013 – sunny, warm, minimal breeze

What a great race to start the summer with. Conditions were almost perfect – although perhaps a tad too warm for those conditioned for cooler climes. May the good weather continue though.

Despite a good 1.5 hr drive from Penicuik, I really think this race was worth the trip. Stuart, Mike and I left in good time to ensure that we had a good 40 minutes to oil Stuart’s old joints – his first race, I believe, for almost 4 years. The race is ~13kms and 760m of climb. It is annoyingly runnable with a steady, but undulating climb until the half way point.

NB. for some reason I could not insert graphics so have provided links only.

profile here:

The final climb to the high midpoint did seem to go on and on and on however. The run back down is great and you can really settle into a good pace with only a couple of minor annoying climbs which tell you how wobbly your legs really are due to dehydration. Yes – it was rather warm and both Stuart and I were kicking ourselves for not taking water with us. Och well – you live and learn.

Massive spread of cakes afterwards of which Mike and Stuart embarrassingly took advantage of. Stuart ate so much he needed a sleep on the way back!!

The race was part of the British Championship so there were a lot of good runners there. Quite depressing really. Our final places and times from 231 runners were:

94th – Mike Brooks: 01:22:51

98th – Stuart Sanderson: 01:23:04 [overtaken by Mike ONLY in the last kilometre]

122nd – Rob Wilson: 01:27:14


a great warm up for Durisdeer (14.7km, 1240m) on Saturday


Full route map here:

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4 comments on Yetholm Hill Race

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  2. mags says:

    Heard more about the fab WI Women and there amazing cakes !! and less of the race. Seen some fab pictures from the race , hopefully Mike will post , fab weather.
    Well done to all. Mike running scared now Stu !!

  3. Dave C says:

    Good packing guys. So Stuart, where does the Club handicapper place you now for the next handicap?

  4. Susan says:

    Well done all, for the race and the cake guzzling afterwards. Stuart – your first race in 4 years and you beat Rob and narrowly lose to Mike – respect!!!!

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