Jedburgh Half Marathon

So as myself, Ngeme and Vicky left Penicuik yesterday it looked like the wind and rain were going to be the winners of the day. The wind was certainly challenging however it did remain dry in Jedburgh for both the 10k and half marathon races. Both races set off at the same time beside the beautiful abbey in the town centre of Jedburgh with about 800 runners in all competing in both races. The 10k race peeled off after about 5.5km at which point most of the half marathon runners suddenly realised that they were perhaps overdoing their pace. Well I did anyway!! The wind was also gusting in the right direction at this point.

So the half marathon continued along the lovely country roads of the borders for another few miles towards Kelso before turning around. As both courses were out and back the return leg was a bit of a nightmare in the wind. Sorry, total nightmare in the wind!! The organisers also managed to find a nice large hill to throw in at mile 11 as well. That was nice of them!!

A great race all round and well organised.The roads were completely closed to traffic as well.

A good turnout of Harriers for both the 10k and half marathon. Results as follows:


Rachael Campbell (110th) 49mins

Vicky Lyon (323rd) 1hr 10mins

Half Marathon

Mark Snodgrass (18th) 1hr 25mins

Jan Dawson (99th) 1hr 38mins

Mark Dawson (220th) 1hr 50mins

Ngemi Ntuli (334) 2hr 1min

Congratulations to Ngemi who shaved off 15mins from last years time and to Jan who came 4th in her age category.

I think Alan may of been doing the 38 mile Ultra race but i am not sure!!! Alan?

A great day out. Windy but good fun.




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2 comments on Jedburgh Half Marathon

  1. Alan says:

    That’s me finished the ultra – only took a week! Well done all who turned out for a grim day of weather at Jedburgh last weekend. I found then ultra tough, so much so I’ve not run a step since. 38 mile course with the three peaks of the Eildon’s at around mile 18. My watch recorded total ascent of 5000ft and I ended up with a very very slow 9 hour finish. Nursing a probable stress fracture in my right foot and just about back to walking properly again! Had panned the Lauder race this weekend but no chance. Hope it all went well.

  2. Jan says:

    And well done to you Mark!

    That hill at mile 11 was a killer, and I just could not have run any faster in that wind if I’d tried! Beautiful route though. Very well organised race too. Would recommend it.

    Is Alan finished yet?! 😀

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