Hunters Bog Trot Saturday, 18 April 2015

This was a slightly altered route compared to previous years to allow for the Great Edinburgh run preparations. The conditions were great if maybe a bit too warm, but the slight breeze helped with that for the most part. There isn’t much flat in the course so although it isn’t a long race it is quite punishing.

Duncan won a prize for 2nd fastest over 50. Well done Duncan 🙂
I got given some coca high altitude sweets and Michael got some bacon flavour toothpaste, not sure if these were spot prizes or booby prizes but were handed out with the usual good natured hunters bog trotter hilarity.
Thanks to Mel’s husband Allan for the action shots.

Results: (

30 Duncan Ball 00:34:58
88 Gillian Cairns 00:41:20
105 Tim Doyle 00:43:08
114 Sadie Kemp 00:44:19
117 Chris Downie 00:45:22
126 Michael Greens 00:46:45
141 Mel Dunbar 00:50:07

hunters bog trot

[picasa width=”640″ height=”400″ bgcolor=”#000000″ autoplay=”1″ showcaption=”1″ user=”penicuikharriers” album=”es_HunterSBogTrot2015″]

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6 comments on Hunters Bog Trot Saturday, 18 April 2015

  1. Mark Dawson says:

    Looks like a great race, love the photos. Well done all 🙂

  2. David Cairns says:

    Looked like a great day and a major bonus at the finish JOKER IPA, one of my favourites. Maybe I should come out of retirement?
    Good luck to all this weekends Marathoners!

  3. Duncan Ball says:

    PS. Good luck for the marathon!

  4. Duncan Ball says:

    Results on the Scottish Hill Runners website.
    Great photos – the beer tasted OK, I can’t vouch for the toothpaste.

  5. Rob Wilson says:

    results now up on GP spreadsheet on the Harrier’s page

    looked like great weather
    lucky buggers

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