Strathearn Trail Festival 1st & 2nd Feb

This festival consists of four races split over two days. On the Saturday there is a Light 10k at 1pm then a Dark 10k at 5pm then on the Sunday there is a 5k at 11am and a Half Marathon on 12.30pm.  When I looked at this I thought I might enter the Dark 10k because the route was trail and in the dark which is what I like.  Then I noticed that there was an option to run all four races….. Hmmm, well that would certainly test to see if my injury could cope with upping my milage – so I entered all four!

The races were based in the grounds of Crieff Hydro and each race took you on a route over the Knock except the 5k. The trails were nuts! So muddy, technical and constantly undulating or climbing. There must have been downhill but I don’t remember much about them apart from the rocky paths one….

The results aren’t out yet but Strava tells me:
Race 1, Light 10k, Elevation 1,073ft – 1h11m
Race 2, Dark 10k, Elevation 1,085ft – 1h18m (went a bit wrong at one point)
Race 3, 5k in the snow, Elevation 514ft – 37m16s
Race 3, Half Marathon, Elevation 2,161ft – 2h54m27s

I completely loved all the races because of the route, the organisers and the atmosphere.  I met a bunch of nice people and came home with four medals and some really muddy, wet kit!

They might be doing the same kind of thing in the Summer and I totally recommend it to all of you – hopefully trails would be less muddy.

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  1. sadie kemp says:

    Superb Susie, trust you to knock it out the park and do all the races. Amazing effort. X

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