Welcome to the new Penicuik Harriers website!

Have a look around our new website, it still has all the same information as the old one but no club forum anymore as we have now changed to ‘blog’ format for members to post race reports.  We also have a new calendar, Penicuik weather and much more!  Info about registering to post race reports being emailed to all club members tonight.  Have a look at the Road Race pages as online entries are OPEN!!!  Comment on this blog if you have any thoughts about the new website…..


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4 comments on Welcome to the new Penicuik Harriers website!

  1. Jane Hart says:

    Lovely new web site..However I can’t find any info about training nights (eg location and times). Am I being dumb?


    • admin says:

      Hi Jane. I think the info you’re looking for is directly under the ‘About’ menu tab. We could probably make the info more comprehensive too.

      We’ve had a few comments of this nature and I think people are assuming the menus work like e.g. Windows where the top of the menu doesn’t do anything apart from drop the other menu items down.

      On these menus (as with many websites) the top menu item is actually a link to a page. I think I’ll add a duplicate item as the ‘first’ drop down option as I’ve just done with the photos to avoid any confusion. Or possibly create some of course!?

      Gord M (the web site admin guy!).

  2. Ali Hilton says:

    Well done to you both, the site is great, I love the weather info, this will be really useful.
    Ali H

  3. martinb says:

    The new website is fantastic! Well done Team Maxwell. I know the calendar is still being worked on but in the meantime it would be handy to update it with the Ceilidh and 10K.

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