Greenmantle Dash 2012

I have the relatively short Greenmantle Dash to thank for the shouts that everyone hears as I have descended the stairs the last couple of days!  Had a great time down in Broughton with a fair few Harriers representing the club on what was a freezing cold but slightly less windy day than the previous one. 

The course was its usual mix of walls, streams and fences to jump, bog to wade through then a wee bit of a hill to get up and down before the ‘sprint’ back to the field at the village hall. 

A few of us had a wade in the beautifully clear but bloomin’ freezing stream to clean our legs/shoes before enjoying the delicious chilli pasta and beer on tap!!

A great race to start the year off, well organised by Dick Wall in his team that included Dave timing and Bill helping at registration.  I think the Penicuik 10k should take a leaf out of the more relaxed approach to race organisation and write numbers on hands and have beer on tap post race – committee, we need a meeting…..!

Harriers in attendance were Rob & Andrea, Chris D, Mike B, Duncan, Janice and myself.  Bill’s grandchildren and son and (I think) daughter-in-law were running too.  Can’t find any photos or results I’m afraid.

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    3 comments on Greenmantle Dash 2012

    1. Rob says:

      results here:

      piccies at two links:


      yes – our legs were strangely achy as well.
      Most of us were generally slower than previous years which probably reflected the boggy bog!

      Congrats to Duncan for looking so youthful ?

    2. bill bennet says:

      Like Susie I haven’t seen any results but I can tell you that Duncan was 1st over 50 and was rewarded with lots of bottles of Greenmantle. Well done Duncan!

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