CAAC 5 mile road race

Knew there must be something nasty lurking when I asked at Registration if there were any “nasty” hills. The 2 guys on Registration looked at each other knowingly and said “it depends on what you mean by nasty.

Well after tackling 1 hill I was a little (?) anxious when I looked up at about the 4 mile mark and thought : this is what I mean by nasty; hastily followed by I wish I’d done the Fun Run.

On a more serious note is was a good evening for running and a good crowd of runners. Penicuik Harriers numbered 5 runners (apologies if I missed anyone else) and I think we did well.

I hope I’ve got these results right?
Mark : 29.55 36th
Duncan : 30.44 44th
Sadie : 36.23 120th
Lou (me) : 37.02 126th

I know that Kevin was also running but can’t find a result. But I wasn’t listed as attached to the Harriers so that might explain things.

Would I do it again : yes it was a nice route (even passed by the odd car) and actually a 7.30pm start was fine.



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2 comments on CAAC 5 mile road race

  1. Duncan says:

    Hills? What hills? Mere pimples! Actually I found a few hills on the way back to Penicuik on my bike! I quite like that course, scenic, quiet and nice and short. Unfortunately I couldn’t cram in more that two cakes after the race.

  2. Mark Snodgrass says:

    Yes a good race indeed. I am not sure what the collective term is for a group of Corstorphine Athletic runners but they were certainly out in force last night sporting club running tops. A wonderful sight. All in all an enjoyable, well organised race. Those two hills were a bit of a nasty surprise…oh well.
    Kevin finished in a time of 33:06.

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