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I’m planning on buying a Garmin watch to track my runs. I normally just use my phone and I’ve never used a Garmin before. I’ve had a look online and read loads of reviews but I’m still not sure which one to get.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you



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  1. michael mccomb says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you. I like to keep a record of all the runs I do as I am doing a challenge just now where I am planning on running 1914 kilometers before Christmas day 2014 to mark 100 years from the Christmas truce of 1914 and in some longer runs my phone feels like a 20kg weight in my pocket 🙂


  2. michael mccomb says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you. I’ve had a look at it and it looks really good plus it is a reasonable price. I just need to talk the wife into it now 🙂


  3. Amy Kerr says:

    Hi Michael,
    I have a Garmin Forerunner 110, and have had it for nearly 2 years.
    I agree with Rob about the battery. I have to charge it a couple of times a week, but when running 5 times a week , then that’s not too bad. It lasts about 3 weeks when used as a watch and about 6-8 hours in training. It’s comfortable and easy to use and Amazon are selling them for about 90 quid at the moment, so not too expensive. Unlike Rob, I am interested in the information on the watch and find that it pushes me more. Just switch it on, and run! Oh, and when it packs in, I’ll buy exactly the same one again 🙂

  4. Rob says:

    Hi Michael,
    I have a Forerunner Garmin405cx. Have had it for 4 years now.
    It does the job (although battery is not brilliant), but I am not sure it has really been worth the money.

    You can set it up to tell you if you are a running at a particularly pace or not, but as I am not that interested in such information or “control” (i.e. I run as quickly as possible depending on how I feel that day), I find it difficult to rationalize having such a device. A standard stop watch gives the time. Distance can be worked out using Google maps/Earth. What more does one really need.

    Yes – I know Susie and others will carp on about Strava etc, but running races is where I compare myself against others.

    so – a slightly cynical response. Sorry.

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