Devilla 15K Trail Race

Having wanted to do this race for a few years it was great to get organised in time to get a place. Michael, Mark and myself headed off for the 15K trail race. Pam and Derek were also  signed up for the 5K race. The race is held on the trails surrounding the Tulliallan Police College. Traditionally its a bit of a mud fest but with the heavy frost of the night before conditions under foot were nice and firm. No wind and some good winter sunshine made this the perfect day. A great race with great company.

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2 comments on Devilla 15K Trail Race

  1. Vicky lyon says:

    Fantastic result guys.

  2. Derek Newport says:

    Great race, well organised by Carnegie Harriers and def’ not a mudfest this year.

    Pam and myself stayed for the results and were both surprised at being respective age group winners, unfortunately we didn,t get any additional free beer.

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