Edinburgh Marathon – Sunday 31st May 2015

Purely in running terms, Sunday was not a great day for me. Some things were within my control and others not. Quite simply, I found it flippin’ hard work and to be absolutely truthful, I was far more relaxed and devoid of any stress on the Fling which was double the length and on considerably harder ground and with huge elevation. Of course that this was just 5 weeks ago, may have something to do with all this. And then there was the wind – those who were there all testify that the constant headwind with big gusts over the last 7 miles or so were a big challenge. And so it was that while I did come in much when I thought I would, there was most definitely nowt left. And then I remembered I had to cycle more than 5 miles to get back to the car and yes, you’ve guessed it . . . it was uphill and into the wind – lol !

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But wait, I’m always an optimist and there was an awful lot to enjoy about the weekend – there was (in no particular order):

  • a fantastic AYE Club annual dinner and pre-race photograph with our Everpresent running legend guest, Chris Finill
  • a great buzz amongst the crowds of runners at the start
  • dryness – I never got rained on
  • lots of sunshine
  • the pleasure of running 5 miles with Jules
  • cheers at Joppa from my mother, Aileen and Jennifer (who had made amazing flapjacks)
  • big hugs from Gilly
  • a huge boost from the ever inspiring Susie not just on the way out but again on the way back!
  • waves to and from loads of marathon and relay Harriers
  • much needed support from the likes of Gillian and many others
  • the opportunity to wear my Harriers vest with pride
  • the (very small) consolation that I was not last in my age group (403/555)
  • the realisation that I am still in the AYE Club
  • not one, but two huge bacon rolls waiting for me back at my sisters house


And if all that was not enough, I even stopped to do a very small amount of work along the way (checking that two runners who were flat on their backs were indeed only suffering from cramp – thankfully).

And finally, I had the chance today to have a wee rummage in the ‘Bling Box’ and say hello to my 16 marathon medals – as ever folks, Run and Become / Relentless Forward Progress!


Congratulations to all the Harriers who took part – I know Dave is compiling the stats (subject to verification of course) but I think the story so far is (usual apologies to anyone I have missed):

Full Marathon:

  • Tim Darlow 2hr 58m 30s
  • Sadie Kemp 3hr 39m 13s
  • Mike McCombe 3hr 49m 49s
  • Mark Dawson 3hr 54m 14s
  • Tracy Philp 3hr 56m 28s
  • Chris Burns 4hr 45m 37s
  • Sean Swindells 4hr 48m 32s
  • Vicky Doc Lyon 5hr 08m 14s

Half Marathon:

  • Louise Campbell 1hr 45m 43s
  • Ezmie McCutcheon 1hr 52m 57s
  • Mike Philp 1hr 56m 20s
  • Michelle Cooper 2hr 29m 27s

Relay Teams (the following names were Harriers who were part of these teams whose numbers were made up up by others):

Team 54032 – 14th
  • Rob Wilson
Team 57027 – 79th
  • Mark Snodgrass
Team 57025 – 165th
  • Derek Newport
  • Lynne Stevely
Team 57026 – 199th
  • Fran Jones
  • Pam Newport
  • Julie Young
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2 comments on Edinburgh Marathon – Sunday 31st May 2015

  1. Tracy Philp says:

    Great report Chris I saw you when I was running alongside Derek he kept me going for a few miles don’t think I would have got a sub 4 otherwise.Great race this year enjoyed it better than the London marathon but I set off far too fast as usual!Was fab to see my fellow harriers along the course and thanks so much Susie for the shout out that put a spring in my step.

  2. Julie Young says:

    Well done Chris. It was a pleasure running with you for 5 miles and having a good chat….and I have to agree that the flapjacks were very tasty too!! I felt a bit of a fraud leaving the course at 8.3 miles for the relay changeover but enjoyed supporting all the other harriers later on.

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