Glentress Trail 42K

It was a new format this year with the 10K and 21K being held on the Saturday and the 42K being held on the Sunday, instead of the three races being held on the same day with staggered starts and I much preferred it without the speedy 21kers trying to get past you on the narrow mountain bike tracks.  We also had the best conditions of all the years I have run this, although it was very cold the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  The course does not get any easier with a seemingly never ending uphill followed by a leg shattering downhill before turning around and doing it all over again.  The course has been extremely muddy and wet in previous years but this year we got lovely hard packed ground with just a few icy and snowy patches on the exposed hill tops, and a new route over the top of the hill by the hut at the top by the mast instead of round the side of the hillside.

Thanks to Michael and Molly for your support at the end and getting us up that last hill!

Julian got first MV50


26 04:31:18 Julian Hall
91 05:13:14 Sadie Kemp
106 05:26:00 Gilly Marshall
118 05:35:39 Tracy Philp
142 06:03:13 Mark Dawson
146 06.08.01 Lori McCrae

There are some fab pictures on the Grand Day out website.


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2 comments on Glentress Trail 42K

  1. Dave says:

    What a great combined effort and amazing photos.

  2. Sadie kemp says:

    I agree, I prefered the other races being on a different day, and it was nice to go right to the top of the hill. We also got medals this year, I think the organisers must be listening to feedback which is great. A really enjoyable race apart from the big blister I got on my foot! Well done all, especially Julian!

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