Borders series cross country at Galashiels 17th Feb 2018

Harriers did themselves proud again at the borders series at Galashiels. Superb effort from young and not so young. 🙂 Great to see Yan out on the course cheering us on even if he did have a green hoodie on!

Race report and footage of the starts can be seen here:


75 Lewis Cairns M10-11 10 14:53.6
92 Calum Hind M10-11 11 16:05.0
100 Duncan Hind M8-9 8 18:27.1
101 Glen Dawson M8-9 8 18:31.4


46 Michael Greens MS 26:58.8
56 Allan Dunbar M40+ 28:13.7
63 Gillian Cairns F40+ 28:55.6
74 Alasdair Hind M40+ 29:53.3
86 Ian Forrest M60+ 30:54.4
98 Robin Hall M40+ 31:46.5
99 Juliane Friedrich FS 31:50.5
107 Daniel Greens MS 32:40.7
108 Jan Dawson F40+ 32:44.4
119 Sadie Kemp F40+ 33:35.9
151 Andrew McDermott MS 38:06.3
169 Ngeme Ntuli M50+ 41:43.9

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3 comments on Borders series cross country at Galashiels 17th Feb 2018

  1. familoo says:

    Mike Borgelt: “New Zealand is one of the most inward looking , bureaucrat ridden countries on the planet where you are free to do as the government tells you. Besides the weather sucks. Even my NZ born wife agrees. Well if Mike Borgelt”s wife agrees it must be true. /sarc When comparing how NZ is doing compared to other countries, rather than consulting Mike Borgelt”s wife I go see what people who actually make such comparisons say: The CATO institute says NZ(#3) is more free that Australia(#5) or the US(#17), The Heritage Foundation says, NZers(#3) have more economic freedom than Australian”s(#5) or American”s(#18), Transparency International says NZ(#1) is less corrupt that Australia(#13) or America(#16), Reporters without Borders say NZ(#13) has greater press freedom than Australia(#19) or America(#43), The World Bank Group says there”s greater ease of doing business in NZ(#1) than America(#6) or Australia(#14) But what would those organizations know compared to Mike Borgelt and his wife?

  2. SWIZA says:

    Sadie Kemp, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  3. Bill Bennet says:

    Some great running at Gala by both our youngsters and the not so young. I enjoyed the Radio borders clip with all these good looking Harriers and I wasn’t surprised to see that Mike Pearson is not as tall as Doddie Weir.

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