Wot? No mud?

EDL at Broxburn and the ground was icy hard, mud was in short supply (only one very large puddle to negotiate). Some runners were wearing spikes to get a decent grip, when the snow started, I actually thought of crampons!. 3 laps of a gently undulating trail (so-called ‘Lungbuster Hill’ was no problem – but then maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough!) Managed to restrict to 18 the number of those lapping me, which is one less than at Alloa, so maybe I’m improving. Once again I comprised the entire Men’s Team, while the Women’s Team was twice as large: Rachel Campbell and my wife Margaret.

About Ian F

Live in Colinton now, so not an attendee at training. Do most of my running from home - over Capelaw, Allermuir etc and occasionally along the Water of Leith Walkway to Balerno
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2 comments on Wot? No mud?

  1. ian Forrest says:

    Could I have been any slower?

  2. Sadie Kemp says:

    Crampons! I would like to have seen you running in those! 🙂

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